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What People Are Saying

I started working with Honey last November. We had biweekly phone

sessions. I wanted to get healthier. Honey listened and went at my pace.

She’s knowledgeable, supportive and motivational. We worked on our Improving my eating without going on a strict “diet”. I made small adjustments and felt better about myself. Even when I felt I wasn’t doing enough, Honey always focused on all the positive accomplishments, which motivated me to continue to make

progress.I started an exercise class that I loved and later added a second class. I felt myself getting stronger and healthier. I really looked forward to exercising. In June I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I am sure that my improved health made my recuperation after surgery much easier. I think Honey would be a great coach for anyone who wants to become healthier.


While I’ve known Honey for decades, I truly had no idea what knowledge and life-changing expertise she possesses and offers to clients. At a time of life where many of us are seeking our healthiest choices possible, Honey’s no-nonsense and supportive approaches are invaluable. The actionable program and personal goal-setting are meaningful and sustainable. I feel fortunate and mindfully healthier for participating. Thank you, Honey! 

-Julie Isaacson

Honey has developed a wellness program for CX that has engaged our associates in fun, informative way. We have had great participation and awareness and people are definitely more focused on their health and well-being.”

-David Rosenstein President and CEO Connexion

In the workshop, what resonated with me the most was slowing down and noticing what is going on in my head when I put food in my mouth.  I have been seeing more and more that I eat out of boredom, or graze out of habit, or are too impatient for a healthy snack and eat an “easy grab” snack like chips first.  I’ve been drinking so much more water lately too. -Ellen

not a prescription_edited.png

Your 3 part series is much more than just about sugar. My take away was the tips and strategies you present/teach  for a meaningful, sustainable life through healthy food choices and lifestyle changes.

You talk about the importance of diet, mental health awareness, coping mechanisms, the value of good sleep ( like your grandchildren?) and how to become a more informed food shopper ( looking for that added sugar). You cover a lot! -Cindi

I started working with Honey with one goal in mind: to feel healthier. Honey helped me figure out how to reduce sugar cravings, incorporate nutritious foods into my diet, be more physically active, and relieve stress.

As a result of my work with Honey, I lost weight, continue to exercise regularly, am sleeping better and learned ways to manage my stress. I feel better than I have for years.


I came to Honey to see if she can help me sleep better since I was always tired and run down. Honey taught me not only how sleep is related to other aspects of my life and gave me strategies to help me sleep but to live healthier in general. Since working with Honey, I am now sleeping better and have so

much more energy and don’t feel run down all the time. -Jack

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