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What types of people do you work with most often?

I enjoy working with men, women and young adults to figure out what is making them ill and to help get them on the road to health. Many people are struggling with chronic GI symptoms, inflammation, fatigue, difficulty maintaining a healthy weight, thyroid and hormonal imbalances, menopause symptoms, sleep disorders, headaches, anxiety and overall stress with life.  


After years of working with cancer patients, I have a particular interest in helping cancer survivors improve their lifestyle to prevent recurrence through stress management, activity and food choices.

How can a Health Coach help if I have heart disease and diabetes in my family?  Everyone is overweight and I know that no matter what I do, it is in my genes and I am doomed.

What diet and exercise program do you recommend?

Health Coaching is not about one particular diet or exercise program that is right for everyone. I don’t endorse only Vegan, Keto, Paleo, or Mediterranean. We will explore your concerns, your food preferences, and lifestyle. Then together we will develop a program that is right for you.

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Is this a program where I have to buy meals, shakes and supplements?

NO! I don’t sell anything. I may make some suggestions for you to talk over with your doctor and I can direct you to reputable vendors.

More and more research in the science of epigenetics is finding that the food we eat can actually turn on and off certain genes affecting our health. So even if you have a genetic predisposition, it is possible that diet and lifestyle changes can affect gene expression and you can remain healthy. It will take motivation and may be hard work but I can help you make these changes.

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