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Honey Bronson, RN

National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach

Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach



Congratulations on taking the first step towards a healthier you. By exploring Functional Medicine Health Coaching, you are taking charge of your well being. As your health coach, I will work with you to develop individualized goals that are realistic and sustainable, and then I will help you through the process of achieving those goals. 


My lifelong passion has been to connect with people and help them become healthy.

I am a Registered Nurse and have cared for sick patients in hospitals, clinics, and at home for many years.  I understand disease, symptoms, and traditional medical management.  I have always been fascinated with nutrition and healthy living, so when I was introduced to the practice of Functional Medicine and the idea that “Food is Medicine,” I became hooked.  I learned how food can turn on and off certain genes and actually can heal patients that have been suffering for years. I was fortunate enough to train with the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy associated with the Institute of Functional Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic.  After graduating and working successfully with clients, I realized that helping people become healthy is truly my passion.  I love connecting with people and become energized every time I have a session with a client and have an opportunity to help them feel better. 

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